Triple Play Package

We are offering the Triple Play Package to assist you in completing your estate planning. Estate planning means more than money and asset protection. The Triple Play offers a cohesive package that works with your Trust(s) and allows you to appoint someone to act as your Agent (attorney-in-fact) to take care of business for you if you cannot. It also allows you to make the decisions you need to make now about your health care if you cannot.

The Contract Trust(s) you have purchased from us allows for an immediate transfer to your Successor Trustee(s) upon your death. There is no probate, no estate or inheritance tax and no need for an attorney to administer your US based estate. This is great for the assets inside the Trust. What about all those other things you own?

The Pour Over Will literally “pours over” everything owned in your name to one of your named Trusts at the time of your death. As you become more sophisticated at asset protection, you will see the need to put most, if not all, of your belongings into Trusts. There is a provision for specific bequests to individuals. Depending on your state, and the value of your belongings, whatever “pours over” to the Trust, or goes to others, may have to be probated. That in itself is a good reason to put anything of value in Trust. This Pour Over will is NOT designed for people with minor children, as there is no provision for their guardianship. Typically, spouses are each other’s Agent (attorney-in-fact). Your Successor Trustee is often the Successor Agent. This is true of the Powers of Attorney as well.

The Durable Power of Attorney allows your Agent to take care of business for you if you are unable to do so. Most people are unfamiliar with Trusts and Trustees, but most people do understand the strength and validity of a properly drafted and signed Power of Attorney.

The Power of Attorney for Health Care is a health care directive in which you make certain choices now about any health care issues you may face in the future. It saves your spouse/successors from having to read your mind about what kind of care you would want in the event you cannot speak for yourself or die. We also provide a Wallet Card alerting emergency and medical personnel of the existence of the Power of Attorney for Health Care listing your agents names and phone numbers.

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The cost of the Triple Play for a single Man or Woman is $350.00
The cost of the Triple Play for a ‘couple’ is $400.00

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THIS APPLICATION IS FOR A TRIPLE PLAY (Power of Attorney, Pourover Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare)

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You and your Spouse/Partner can have different Successor Agents.
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