1. Complete Your Name, Your Address etc. as usual.
  2. Name the Trust. Anything that sounds good to you is OK. Try for a strong sounding name. DO NOT use your surname or sequential numbering, e.g. My Trust #1, My Trust #2, etc. That would indicate there is more than one.
  3. Name the Creator; a third party is necessary for the Creation of the Trust and Appointment of the First Trustee. This person has no further obligation, liability or authority in the Trust. NOTE: All parties that will be signing the Trust NEED to be available when the documents are Notarized. Best practice is to have all parties live in the same area.
  4. You are the Investor(s).
  5. You must List what you are exchanging into the Trust.
  6. The Creator appoints you as First Trustee.
  7. You appoint a second Trustee, if applicable.
  8. You must name at least ONE Successor Trustee, but it CANNOT be YOU.

Indicator Information Institute
Carol Werelius, Executive Trustee
Jim Knox, Executive Trustee
Call: 877-333-5018 10 am to 5 pm EST – email:

The cost of an EXISTING REAL ESTATE Contract Trust is
$1,995.00 EACH  for the first 4 EXISTING REAL ESTATE Contract Trust.

For your FIFTH Real Estate Trust and any Existing Real Estate Trust thereafter is $1,795.00 each. 

This Application is for the Real Estate Trust for your EXISTING PROPERTY. Please fill it out completely. The RED asterisk is a required field.

This is the Real Estate Trust for existing property. However, there may be circumstances where you need ADDITIONAL Real Estate Trusts. In that case, at the bottom of this form, just above the payment portal you will find abbreviated forms for ADDITIONAL TRUSTS at the "Multiple Trust Information" area.
You or one of your Trusts are the applicant...
Best email address to contact you.
Home phone number
Cell or other phone number
(Shipping Address for the Contract Trust)
Where you reside


If you choose to use a Property Management Trust an IRS EIN is not necessary for a Real Estate Trust, BUT is required for a Property Management Trust because it will do the banking for all your Real Estate Trusts. You should only place ONE property in each Real Estate Trust. The Property Management Trust can manage many Real Estate Trusts.
If you are have what we call a Mother Lode Trust, Management Trust or any other Trust and you are going to 'contract' to it for any reason, list it here.
Pick a strong name you would like, MUST END WITH THE WORD "TRUST"...
(The State Domicile Address for the Trust. This should be a no-income tax State such as Wyoming, Washington or Texas as examples.)
(P.O. Box, Suite, Apartment, etc.)
(The State Domicile Address for the Contract Trust. This should be a no-tax State such as Wyoming, Washington or Texas as examples.)
The Creator can be anyone you Trust. The Creator will only help you get this started and then resign with no further responsibility or liability. The Creator must be present when the Trust documents are Signed and Notarized.
City the Creator resides in.
County the Creator resides in.
The Exchanger/Investor is normally a man or woman. In some situations the Exchanger/Investor will be the Motherlode or Standard Trust. This is especially true if the Trust you are purchasing is for an Annuity Trust, Real Estate or an Automobile Trust.
This would be a Spouse, Significant Other, Adult Child, a Friend or ???
This would most likely be you...
This would most likely be your spouse or significant other...
REQUIRED - This is the man or woman that will take over your Trust as Trustee should you become incapacitated or upon your demise.
OPTIONAL - This is an OTHER man or woman that will take over your Trust as Trustee should you become incapacitated or upon your demise.
Bloodline Clause: Only blood related family or children of your direct Bloodline may be appointed as Trustees or Successor Trustees.
Street Address...
(Insert Legal Description of Real Property here. Please attach most recent Quit Claim/Warranty Deed.)
(List any memberships that may be included with the Real Estate, e.g Golf Club, Tennis Club, etc.)


All parties to this contract agree and understand that Indicator Information Institute (III), its respective officers, Trustees, directors, employees, and others working on behalf of III, are not attorneys and do not offer legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice. Should such services be required, the undersigned will retain competent professional(s). The undersigned does not expect, nor will he/she/they solicit III to provide legal, tax or accounting advice and/or assistance. However, the undersigned may, from time to time, seek consultation from III regarding these subjects, expecting only III’s best judgment.

Based upon information supplied and presented by the undersigned during discussions, III prepares documents to be used only in a totally lawful and legal manner, and are NOT to be used in any way or manner that either evades laws or circumvents any legal or lawful processes. The manner in which the undersigned has chosen or yet chooses to utilize such documents is strictly and specifically the total responsibility of the undersigned. The documents provided are intended strictly for informational purposes and to be used only by the undersigned.

Furthermore, the undersigned agree(s) to hold harmless III and its respective officers, Trustees, directors, employees, affiliates, agents or representatives and indemnifies the same from any and all damages arising from the use and or transfer of these prepared documents.

Additionally, both parties shall defend from any third party claim against either party any and all claims, demands, suits or losses, including all costs connected with damages to either party's interest, property or reputation to the extent caused by the third party.

Both parties indemnify and hold harmless each other and their respective officers, Trustees, directors, employees, affiliates, agents or representatives and others working on behalf of either party from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees incurred, which may arise out of or is in any way connected or associated with this contract.

You agree to the above Terms and Conditions.
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