How to Register at III

When you purchased yout Contract Trust and upon the day it was shipped we sent you an email. One of the documents in the email had the instructions that included the one-time passcode to Register yourself with our website. The instructions were on a page like this sample below:

Hi Jim,

You have obtained the IRS EIN (00-12345675) for Dummy Trust and have it in your records and a copy is also in our records. I have completed the Abstract of Trust. Your Abstract of Trust is attached. This is all you will need to open a bank account. I suggest you tell the bank the truth and say estate planning when asked why you are opening an account.

As you know, we have conference calls every other Saturday at 10 AM about Trusts and Estate Planning.
The number is 715-775-7031, PIN is 213297186#.
Archived phone calls can be heard at 715-775-7029, PIN is 213297186#.
Available online at and

Our website,, is a members only website. You must click on “New Registrant” the first time you visit. This is a one time invite code: NotReal876ae#5 You will receive your username and password in an email from Security@Indicator

Please DO NOT share this code with anyone. Our system has been attacked by unauthorized users more than once. It is fixed now, and we are trying to keep it secure for your authorized use.

We realize the password is too long to remember, so we recommend “RoboForm” from It safely stores all of your passwords. The free version stores up to 10 passwords.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to assisting you in the future as well.

Jim Knox